Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Greatest Gift

Maintaining a balanced life in the ministry is definitely a challenge for a pastor, his wife, and their family. And…there is the congregation to consider, the work of God which must not be neglected, the work to which you are called…above everything else. Maintaining this balance has been my lifelong challenge, actually, more than a challenge, it has been my mission, my quest!
There have been times when I wanted to sit down and cry, or weep from sheer joy, to fix some wrong, or let someone stew in their own juice, to give someone a piece of my mind, only to realize I do not have enough of my own to give away.
If I can share one thing with pastor’s wives, one principle that keeps me sane and balanced through the many years of ministry, it would be this:
“Love your pastor husband.” You are first and foremost, a wife and mother. Yes, I know, God is first, but when you fulfill this Biblical principle, (Titus 2: 4) God is first because we honor His word. Find ways and the time to keep that love burning hot and many of the other ministerial frustrations will not seem so overwhelming. I know this sounds very simplistic, but simply loving your pastor husband will pull you through the most difficult problems. I love him; he loves me; you have each other; the most blessed comfort in your shared ministry, a secret refuge where no one else can intrude, a place of your own where you gather strength to face another day.
Love your husband, your children, your church family.
Love is the glue, the ingredient that keeps us focused, keeps us balanced, so we don’t fall off the edge into a complaining and critical attitude. You will be much happier and more fulfilled if you focus on the positive things your husband does. Center your thoughts on the endearing charms of your children, and the merits and helpful qualities of your church family. Love is truly the greatest of gifts.
©2009 Ruth Carmichael Ellinger. All rights reserved

The Pastor's Wife


There is one person in our Church
Who knows our Pastor’s life.
Who weeps and smiles
and prays with Him,
And that’s the Pastor’s wife!

The crowd has seen him in his strength,
While bearing God’s Sharp Sword
As underneath God’s banner’s folds
He faced the devil’s horde.
But deep within her heart she knows
That scarce an hour before
She helped him pray the glory down
Behind the closet door!

She heard him groaning in his soul
When bitter raged the strife.
As, hand in hand she knelt with him,
For she’s the Pastor’s Wife.

You tell your tales of Preachers brave
Who marched across the world
And changed the course of history
By burning words they hurled

And I will tell how back of each
Some woman lived her life
Who wept with him and smiled with him,
She was the Pastor’s Wife!

- Author Unknown -