Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspirational Stories and excerpts from life

It’s almost here! To be released 1/24/12. Watch for details.

Women of the Secret Place

By Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

And others…

A collection of inspirational stories

and personal moments with God

It is in the moments…those significant, never

forgotten moments… that we truly live. And

it is in the quiet times in our secret place with

God that we understand…we can go on.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Gifts of the heart...

Gifts of the Heart…

Musing before the fire Saturday morning, I placed the Christmas gifts from my family on the tea table to take a photo. Looking at the collection, I noted that each gift had been carefully chosen by the giver. Time and thought had gone into each purchase or each hand-crafted item created just for me by loving hands. Each giver had spent not only their money, but also their time, a precious gift in itself.

My heart was warmed to know that to someone else, I was important; I was loved enough to occupy their thoughts, to wander into some moments of their day. I feel so blessed to have family; friends that care about me and what may bring happiness to me. “Do unto others” and “love one another as I have loved you” was spoken by Jesus so long ago, but so evident in a giving spirit. I received far more than tangible gifts this year.

Have I ever mentioned that I love shoes?

Winter potpourri from Katherine, Brighten hair comb from Kendy, beautiful porcelain roses from James, purchased in Sweden, and perfume from my husband. I feel so rich.

Did I ever mention that I love shoes? Well...I do. I saw this pair and fell instantly in love. My sweet husband bought them for me for Christmas...and because he loves me. The comb is from our daughter, Kendy and crafted by Brighten. I am blessed from head to foot!

Among our favorite home made gifts is "pear Jam," especially made by daughter, Katherine and sent to us with winter potpourri which she gathers from the woods in Idaho where she and her family live. It is lovely and smells so wonderful! The jam is marvelous on toast.

My husband makes the coziest fires. A cold snap is expected tonight and we are ready. Even though we live in FL, it can still get very cool in winter, even down to freezing, but mostly, we enjoy the most perfect weather in winter.

New winter boots and my custom made tartan apron

My son, James, who travels widely and knows I love tartan, had this apron made for me. It is reversible and is nice and long. While preparing Thanksgiving dinner, I hastily pinned a tea towel over me while making gravy. He just shook his head and smiled. Hence -- a new apron. I should have done that long ago!