Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Characters...

From the Author

“In Sword of the Wild Rose, I have attempted to weave my story through the many significant events leading up to the American Revolution. This particular time and the people of that day have intrigued my imagination for many years. To write this novel, I chose one of my own ancestors, Derick Davidson, and pulled stories from the events of his life and placed him at the onset of the American Revolution. (where he really was). I relied heavily on my supporting characters, Daniel Morgan, the real life hero of Saratoga and Cowpens, and one of the most colorful and beloved characters of that time.”

Morgan was a patriot in every sense of the word, having suffered forty-nine stripes on his bare back at the hands of the British. He was a brawling, cursing, hulk of a man, but an endearing character, whose contribution to the Revolutionary War was unparalleled. He and his company of riflemen were significant participants in the war effort and America owes much to this steadfast company of sharp shooters that kept things hot and exciting for the British during the war for independence.

And what is a book without a wee bit of romance? Although I am not a serious romance writer and my couples barely get the chance at a kiss, I am a firm believer in romance, aye to be sure, and I do like to incorporate this lovely aspect of the human spirit: the need for love, and to be loved in return. I create this element of emotion and sentiment from my own experience on the subject. Aye, lads and lassies, what is life without love?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Beautifully and Elegantly Modest

In today’s society, any attempt to maintain a standard of dress that reflects the Biblical principle of modesty is often met with ridicule and scorn. Nevertheless, the opinions and attitudes of our modern day should not affect the example of a Christian woman or young lady who truly desires to reflect Christ in every part of her life including the outward standard of dress.

What is modesty of dress? Some synonyms are; purity, simplicity, dignity, decency, innocence, just to name a few. What comes to mind when you hear these words? Modesty entails the conventional proprieties in speech, behavior, and dress.

Serving God as a woman is reasonable. The Biblical standard of modesty in dress is not grievous to the woman who desires to please God in every part of her life. Modesty of dress is not taking a vow of poverty in our outward appearance or dressing down to appear humble or different with no concern for our personal appearance. Quite the contrary. We should reflect the charm and beauty that is woman. This quality of grace belongs to our gender and is inspired by God himself for our special role in life.

Concerning the trendy and immodest fashions of the world, we must be firm—unyielding. Otherwise, ungodly dress and graceless behavior will creep into our lives until we betray our own inherent and God-given modesty.

In our desire to present ourselves as women of modesty and femininity, we must also guard against falling into legalism or acting in an unbecoming manner toward those who have yet to embrace God’s ideals for the feminine sex. Teach by example and treat all women with love and respect, from the youngest baby girl to the questioning teen, even unto the aging grandmother.

Excerpt from: Dressing with Decency and Dignity

©ruthellinger2001, Lamplighter Publishers

In my search for lovely and modest clothing, I came across some wonderful sites for dressing in a manner that reflects femininity and the inner beauty and character of the godly woman. Here is what I found. Have fun shopping…or dreaming.

Beautifully Modest

“Modesty is extremely important to us at Beautifully Modest. We truly believe in our motto- First in fashion, Elegant by Design, Modest by Choice. We believe that a woman is beautiful for her character and should be able to express her personality through modest fashion. We are proud to say, that with the help of a wonderful designer, we offer fashionable dresses to accommodate all who choose to maintain high standards.”

Hannah Lise

Hannah Lise is a direct merchant of quality modest clothing for women and girls, clothing that is not typically found in the mainstream marketplace.

An online e-boutique providing stylish modest clothing for modern women, especially for the fashion-savvy, modern woman committed to dressing modestly, yet beautifully fashionable.

This last link will connect you with various companies who offer modest clothing for living in today’s world.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anna of the Celts by Dean Morrissey

This lovely painting , Anna of the Celts by Dean Morrissey, was a birthday gift from my husband.

My Own Agenda…

My husband is on a mission trip to Central America and I have nine days of my own – waking when I am done sleeping, eating peanut butter and jelly for dinner if I choose, researching my ancestry, and working on my next writing project until the wee hours of the morning. So much for my agenda!

On Monday, a truck turned around in the church parking area, became tangled in the electric wiring, pulling the electrical apparatus from the building, blowing the transformer while strewing live wires down the driveway. My neighbor was at my door with the news. Phoned electric company, insurance, sheriff, (a hit and run) and…so much for Monday. It wasn’t until late Wednesday that all contacts were made, electrician hired, and everything up and running, all while my pastor/husband is sipping mango milkshakes thousands of miles away.

Tuesday, my Co-Director for FIWR, Debora M. Coty and I met for a staff meeting. She says her new website was kidnapped and held for ransom! What is the world coming too?

Thursday evening, I am at the computer reading the scoop on “John, the Bear Hunter,” my illustrious ancestor, and suddenly, the lights go out and the “ups” stays down and I’m in total darkness. “Aha,” says the little voice, “someone has cut your electric wires for calling the sheriff.” I can’t see a thing. I fumble around for my cell phone using it as a light to locate the flashlight. I can do this, I say to myself. I am not afraid of the dark…am I? God is with me. What was I reading about bear hunters…

Sneaking out the patio door and around the hot tub, I see flashing lights at the front of our property. I march out to see what’s up, brave soul that I am, and shine my light on electric company trucks. Heads turn and I see a man in a bucket at the top of an electric pole. He is fixing the wiring. They all stare tiredly at me and I realize I’m in my pajamas. I wave and return quickly to the house. The electric is restored and I go to bed.

Saturday and off to St. Pete where Alicia is competing in the regional Spelling Bee. On the way home, the fuel light indicates that we are low on gas. “No problem,” says my daughter, “we can go another fifty miles after the light.” Sitting along the roadside on a bladder-stretching wait for AAA to bring gasoline, I realize I haven’t eaten since 7:30 am and it is now 3:00 pm. I contemplate how to capture and cook the ducks I see swimming in the nearby pond.

Home at last, but tomorrow is Sunday and a full day of church activities. Monday my husband returns and I am ecstatic. At last, I can do whatever I want!