Friday, December 4, 2009


The month of December has special meaning for my husband and me, not only because we love to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, but because December is also our wedding anniversary. The years fly by with amazing rapidity, and the winter season brings memories of that long ago day when we said our wedding vows in the little church on the hill.

It was deep in December, the 20th to be exact, and the day was cold with snow blowing through the frigid air. Never did I dream that one day, life would take some unbelievable twists and turns that challenged our commitment, our love, and our faith. But here we are in 2009, still married, still in love, and by God’s grace, still shepherding His flock. Our life together has been an incredible journey!

Because of You

Because of you, life began again

When deep beneath the shadows of my heart,

You brought the sunshine of your love,

With tender care, you healed my broken heart.

Because of you, I learned the way

With patient heart, you taught me how to sing

Love’s song again—silent for so long,

The melody of its meaning ever ceaseless ring.

Because of you, with steadfast faith believed in me

And brought me inspiration to try again,

Still…you gently urge me to press on,

For you’ll be there to hold my hand.

All through the years I came to you

With troubles, tears, and wounded sore,

Then gently you’d fold me in your arms,

With hearts laid bare, we’d find the way once more.

Because of you, with willing hand

Led me down the years of time,

I see your face, the love light in your eyes,

And find with joy the precious moments of my life.

©2009 Ruth Ellinger all rights reserved