Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Things I remember about my Dad

 DAD and ME

* He was always old (I was born when he was about forty)
* He had lots of freckles and green eyes
* He loved my mother with great devotion
* He worked hard
* He made me work hard
* He spanked me a lot, then hugged me
* He told me stories of his life
* He sang Scottish love songs and recited poetry, even in his old age
* He was patriarchal and very moral
* He encouraged me to seek excellence
* He encouraged me to learn
* He told me never to forget important things…like family
* He played checkers
* He liked trucks and ice cream
* He told me not to marry the boy I was dating. I listened. I’m glad I did
* He lived to be 94
* He was always there for me

I miss him…