Saturday, October 23, 2010

What I've Been Doing

What I’ve been doing in October: Toured the OH area for two weeks doing book events for, Sword of the Wild Rose. The fall colors were spectacular with weather to match. Visited friends and family and attended the Fairfield CO Fair. Sat in the grandstand and watched the bands, reminisced, and walked through the horse barns. I love the smell of horse, hay, and sweaty leather.

What I need to do today: I need to do something with my hair and prepare for writing group tonight. Our writing prompt for October’s session of Brandon Christian Writers is: One dark night…(OOOOoooaaaahhhheee)

In the kitchen: I have some left over pork roast for pork tacos for and early dinner. An easy one to make so I can speed out the door to meet with my writing group.

What Wright is doing: Catching up around the yard, cleaning the spa, gardening – his favorite therapy.

I’m hearing: The air conditioner still running, music playing in the background, the door opening because Audry (my ten-year-old granddaughter) left her new little purse.

I’m learning: When the "illusion" in our mind crumbles and falls away, what remains is reality...the actual truth. Yes, it may not be what you imagined or what you dreamed it would be, but that does not change God, nor does it change His word, the crux and foundation of our faith. Loyalty, integrity, and trust in God are essential virtues when disillusionment becomes the tool of Satan to undermine our faith. Holding steady when illusion gives way to reality is where faith becomes what it is meant to be -- the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

I’m reading: Beloved Enemies by Al Lacy. A great Civil War novel that covers the onset of the war and the Battles of 1st Manassas., A beautiful woman who is also a Confederate spy and the hunky Union soldier who falls in love with her supplies sufficient conflict against the backdrop of civil war. Beautifully crafted by Al Lacy and historically accurate. The romance is a little more than I like, but that is just me. A good read for those who love historic fiction and I do.

I’m Creating: an “organized looking” space in my writing are (large foyer of our home) for the Tampa Tribune reporter to take photos for the upcoming Brush Strokes awards reception. Yes, I was surprised and honored to be chosen as “Artist of the Year” 2010 by the Arts Council, Brandon FL. Yeah!

My favorite things in October: Autumn colors, my family, Wildrose Cottage in autumn, apples and pumpkin pie, Florida evenings, and fires in the fireplace again.