Friday, September 25, 2009

The Shepherdess and the Harvest

Be not weary in well doing, for in due season

you shall reap if you faint not. Galatians 6:9

During the autumn months of September and October, I am reminded of the many kinds of harvests in life and the struggles young mothers face as they endeavor to plant the seed of God in their children’s impressionable hearts. When children are small, caring for their needs seems like an endless assignment in a war zone with no end in sight and no reinforcements galloping up to relieve or assume this seemingly thankless task. You are in the trenches, hunkered down for the battle, dug-in for the long haul. As a ministry wife, we assume double duty.

In addition to the daily care of children and our responsibility as a Shepherdess, we must make time to plant God’s Word in our child’s tender heart. Notice that I say, “make time.” Planting and watering is not so difficult, but oh, the toil of cultivation, the backbreaking work of pulling up the weeds seem endless.

The Bible says, the husbandman (planter) waits for the precious fruit, and has long patience for it. The besieged mother must find grace to wait, to cultivate patience in her own life, knowing someday she will reap a good harvest if she doesn’t faint in weariness or frustration. The days of active duty will soon end and your faithful and patient nurturing will give back abundant blessings. A young mother’s sacrifice will return like a comforting benediction in the wintertime of life.

Child rearing is a temporary duty that will soon pass. You will be out of the trenches in no time, awaiting another heavenly assignment. Until then, laugh often with your children, love them unconditionally, play with them daily, and pray for them always. One day soon, you will bring to God a bountiful harvest of your patient and enduring love.

©2009 Ruth Ellinger. All rights reserved

A Time To Gather

"He reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest."

Jeremiah 5:24

There have been some constants in this life that cause me to realize how beautiful and wonderful is the order of nature and what security it brings into our lives. We may not consciously think about it but underneath all of man's doings on the earth, are the everlasting arms of God. From the beginning of time, the seasons have come and gone: winter turns into spring, spring turns to summer and summer turns to autumn. Autumn gives way to winter and the whole cycle begins again.

From my early childhood, I have watched the same stars, brilliant and glowing in the dark tapestry of the midnight sky. I have observed them from various corners of the earth and marveled at their steadfastness and constancy. In a world full of change and uncertainty, God's divine order in nature and His governing hand in the celestial realms of the universe, helps me know that He is real and that His love for mankind has exceeded any love that I may experience in this life.

God's love for man and His concern for his destiny, have created the foundations of all that I behold and all that I know of the universe. God's love keeps the stars in the heavens, the tides of the sea in perfect sequence, and the earth furnishing her seasons. What is man that God is mindful of him and who are we that He chose to sojourn with us?

Did you know that God is also a gatherer... a harvester and gleaner of precious souls? He knows when the fruit of the earth is ripe and He walks the fields in search of the present harvest. He sends the rain, the sun, and a faithful worker to till the ground. Because you are precious to Him, He will patiently wait. He is looking for you in the fields of this world. Have you been gathered into His great storehouse? Are you ready for His coming?

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