Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Good to be Queen...

Ah…it is February, the month when hearts are turned to love and romance, a month that reminds us that love is still the strongest emotion of the heart. The Bible says love is “stronger than death” and many waters cannot drown it. Romantic love between a man and woman is a driving force that men will fight for, will die for. Once upon a time, two classmates (possibly seventeen at the time) had a heated altercation over who would be my date. I thought, “What strange beasts men are,” but on reflection, I was flattered to think they would actually fight over me. I realized then what a strong force love can be and how it can move people to act and react in tender or aggressive ways.

But without love…life would be dull, meaningless, without color and contrast. February is the month we make the conscious effort to show our love by sending flowers, buying cards and chocolate, and planning romantic dinners. But of course, there is more to love than this outward show which can also be quite misleading.

As a Shepherdess addressing wives, I can say that true love in marriage offers astounding possibilities. As wives, we are not just our husband’s servant, but in our hearts, we can be “queen.” In the words of Mary Engelbreit, It's Good To Be Queen. In our role as queen, we are not to view ourselves as a lofty sovereign commanding and demanding service and ordering our husbands around, but we reign over some key areas of the kingdom. We posses the ability to be part of our husband’s dreams, to foster his ambitions and hopes. All that is dark in him, we have the power to turn to light, to dispel the shadows from his life, and to make all things pure and holy. As queen, we have the power to minimize his failings, build his confidence, comfort him in his weariness. The list of positive ways to benefit our kingdom is endless. We can win our husband’s love over and over again, the most powerful and lasting emotion in this time world. We can win his praise and adoration. Oh yes, dear wife, it is good to be queen of our own domain.

©2010 Ruth Ellinger all rights reserved