Thursday, May 16, 2013


Alexandria Noel graduates from high school


When she was learning to talk, she called herself “Abiga.” As her Grammy, Alexandria (her given name) will always be “Abiga” to me, that darling little girl who brought such comfort and joy into our lives. Now, off to college and a future already given into God’s hands. How blessed we feel to know she has chosen to serve God in her youth. She is just as sweet as she is beautiful. High on the list of Andria’s accomplishments are her musical talent as a pianist and her journalistic contributions for the Osprey Observer, our local newspaper. Our prayers are with you, sweet little Abiga!

If I could, I would freeze my grandchildren in time at about three years and keep them there forever. At three, we have moved past the diapers, nursing, sleepless nights, and have stored all the baby paraphernalia that helped us survive those first few years.

The delight and wonder of a child’s world is marvelous to behold. It makes us feel young again too; just watching our toddlers experience life and all the new and exciting things that have become mundane and ordinary to us grownups. For them, life is simple, joyous, energizing, and carefree. Don’t you think this is how God intended for us to experience the abundant life He offers? Oh Lord… help me to simplify and see the world through child-like eyes!


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