Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Shepherdess Remembers...


     We feel its warmth, its softening influence....however forgetful we have been, however much we have taken for granted life’s precious gifts, we are conscious of wistful memories that surge out of the past,  the sweet tender poignant fragrances of love. Nothing that has been said, nothing that could be said, would be eloquent enough, expressive enough, or adequate to make articulate that peculiar emotion we feel to our mothers. Peter Marshall


 My mother, Margaret, on the left and grandmother Joanna on the right

So many years have passed since we laid Mom to rest beneath the moss and ferns. I realize now that I will never stop missing her, never stop wishing for one more talk, one more hello and one more glimpse of her her dear face. Someday...we will meet again.

Elizabeth & Arthur on right, Samuel on left

What is a lady?
    A great lady is always a lady—no matter where she is or what she is doing. She dresses like a lady; modestly, but with elegance and taste. She behaves like a lady in every circumstance; dignified but never starchy or prudish. She shows compassion, but never compromises her standards.

    A lady is gentle, yet firm, respectful of all, but martyr for none. She is a loving wife, a devoted mother, a loyal friend, and a credit to all who may know her. She is the standard bearer for every woman in every age and of every culture. She is both the embodiment and the true personification of God's plan for womanhood.   
-Ruth Carmichael Ellinger

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