Saturday, July 13, 2013

Audio version of SWORD of the WILD ROSE just released to, & AMAZON

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When his young wife is murdered in a senseless raid, Derick Davidson, son of a Scottish chieftain seeks revenge. Suspected by English authorities, he flees Scotland, arriving in Boston as the American Patriots rally for independence.

Daniel Morgan, frontiersman and Patriot, befriends Derick and takes him to Virginia where he meets the winsome and beautiful Kearan Mackenzies. He teaches her to sword fight and she learns the secrets of his troubled past.
Inside Derick’s heart, a war rages—a deadly conflict that challenges the very core of his political and spiritual beliefs. He follows one burning desire—to be free.

Filled with danger, intrigue, and unconditional love, Sword of the Wild Rose is the story of one man’s spiritual journey from the depths of heartbreak to the liberating experience of divine forgiveness, a liberty greater than King or country has to offer.

In the search for the perfect voice for this audio production, Mike Ortego auditioned and was the perfect voice, the one I heard in my head. I was so pleased with Mike's ability to portray each character, each with their unique personality traits and Mike used just the right amount of Scottish accent to make the reading palatable to the reader. I highly recommend Mike Ortego Productions for any audio project.

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