Monday, July 8, 2013


View from Spyglass Mountain, near Katherine's home

I have taken a hiatus from blogging for some weeks to spend time vacationing and traveling. We visited our daughter Katherine and her family who lives in the northern panhandle of Idaho. The scenery there is breathtakingly beautiful but the winters are long and often dreary to us sun lovers. Katherine’s husband was building her a greenhouse so tomatoes and other vegetables requiring a longer growing season other than what nature provides, could mature and ripen.

Their farm is complete with chickens, horses, cats and dogs, a barn for hay, a chicken house and even an outside privy for when you don’t want to trek to the house. A stream empties into a pond with trails backed up against national forest lands. They make the trip to town about once a week on church days (Wed) to buy groceries and other necessities and on Sundays for worship services. Other than that, life is busy with home schooling, cooking and preparing meals, and caring for the animals.

We took one day to go to the Kootenay Falls area and enjoy the natural scenery and share time with our grandchildren. Time flew by so quickly. I didn't try this. We did hike some distance before it began to rain

 The Kootenay River

Chapel in the Woods


One of my favorite places is “the chapel in the woods” that secret place of meditation and prayer that Katherine created to meet with the Lord. It seems rather majestic nestled against the drooping branches of the cedars, a quiet and charming forest room that offers natural solitude and peace. You must go...
Angel in the chapel

The rustic seats in the chapel

 I took this photo from the deck one early morning in winter

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