Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Word of God is...

This photo of this powerful Bible verse in Hebrews is from my paternal grandmother’s Bible, a book well-worn with time and use. In the Wildrose book series, one theme is woven like a continuous thread throughout the inspirational stories and is the predominant key scripture used in “Sword of the Wild Rose.”   
Elizabeth's Bible is a treasure, very presious to me. It has notes in her own hand and little keepsakes between the pages. I thought once to have it re-bound, but then...part of her story would be lost. This photo tells a story. What could you write about it?
The two swords...both were used by my patriot ancestors. Sword of the Wild Rose is now available in an audio format from AUDIBLE and performed by Mike Ortego. A book trailer will soon be available to readers

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